MyLot: Get paid to write.

Now before you get all excited about that title, yes you get paid to write but no it isn’t quite like that.

MyLot is much like Persona Papers and Bubblews was in the last couple of years. MyLot has also been around for over a decade. They started as a earning website, then took away the earning part, but came back last year with the ability to earn again.

Enough said about that, MyLot is much like Facebook in the social networking aspect. You write posts, read others posts and comment. Interaction is what earns you money on this website. Now I am not exactly sure how much you earn per interaction, but I do know that on good days I can earn almost $0.70, and on slow days or days that I don’t interact at all- I have earned $0.01-$0.03 per day.

The nice part about MyLot is that you can write about pretty much anything, politics, weather, entertainment, food, pretty much whatever tickles your fancy. And there is no limit to how many posts you can post. That is new to me, the other two websites like this that I was part of, had a limit of ten and fifteen posts per day- MyLot is not like that, just be wary not to overpost or you will get looked over.

The mininum for getting paid at the end of the month is $5.00. You have to have a collected earnings of $5.00 in your account in order for them to send it to your PayPal. You don’t request a payout with MyLot, instead as long as you have five dollars or more at the end of the month you will recieve a payment between the first and fifteenth of the following month.

To give you an idea, I am at just under five bucks for November and last month I made just over ten dollars. So as you can see, it’s not a huge earner- but it will put a little extra money in your Paypal account each month.

If you think that MyLot sounds like somewhere you’d like to write and earn, click here and get started. This will take you right to my profile page and you can poke around, read what I have written and get started.


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